Babyglot is the perfect way to introduce children to multiple languages. Children who grow up in a multi-lingual environment not only have a much easier time learning languages but research has shown that they perform better in school overall. The key is that they never form a strong bond between an object and the name of that object in a given language, they realize from the start that an object can be called by many different names.

Babyglot was created by a team of language experts with the primary focus being on breaking that strong bond between the object and the word for that object in a particular language, and instead forming a higher level connection between the object and the multiple words we associate with that object in different languages. While exploring babyglot the child naturally learns that different people use different words for the same object and becomes adept at mastering new languages and switching from one language to another with ease.

a. Over 350 words in 5 different languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian are included with the app;

b. Record your own voice. You don’t like the voice of the native speaker we have selected, or you simply want your child to hear a familiar voice, no problem. You can easily record your own or someone else’s voice for any of the languages. For example you the mom can record the English version while the German grandma can record the German version.

c. Add a new language. One of your preferred languages has not been included – not a problem, you can add it with little effort. When adding a new language the app provides you a list of the words and their description in the default language – you go through the list and provide the spelling of the words in the language you wish to add and also record the pronunciation of those words in that language. After that the language becomes available in the app.

d. Scientific, accurate illustrations of the animals.

e. Designed for children from 3 to 10 but older children and adults can benefit too.


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